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1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser: A Sporting Icon

1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser

I have always loved the classic and robust beauty of the 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser. Its elegant design combined with a muscular body can easily amaze any cruiser lover. 

If you want to purchase this car, check out this review first. I will discuss all features of the 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser to help ease your decision. 

The review is based on my real hands-on experience with this stunning car. Now let’s jump straight in!

An Overview Of 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser 

The 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser is a full-sized car with a beautiful black tone. Before dwelling on its features, let’s have a look at the car’s history and its manufacturer. 


The  1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala was introduced in 1965. It’s a core product of the reputable manufacturer GM. During this period, the brand controlled more than 50% of the US car market. 

In 1965, the brand introduced a series of new models. They range from station wagons to sedans and hardtops. In the middle of that year, Chevrolet produced a four-door hardtop model called Caprice Custom Sedan. 

One year later, it became a dominating series of the brand. Chevrolet decided to redesign the model and gave it a more squared-off appearance. The result of this project is the 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser. 

The car was initially manufactured in the Vans Nuy plant of the brand. This factory has manufactured a huge number of full-sized Chevrolet cars. 


The 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser is a product of Chevrolet, or more precisely, General Motor. GM acquired this company on May 2, 1918. GM also used to be the second largest car manufacturer worldwide. 

Features of the 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser

Appearance and engine are two core factors that decide the quality of a cruiser. So, I will focus on these two aspects to judge the quality of this beautiful car. 


A robust and muscular appearance is the first thing you can notice about this car. Its body features square and well-organized cuts. The car’s skin looks so elegant and stylish with pure black paint. 

The 427 Chevy Impala Cruise comes with four 20-inch wheels. It also possesses a narrow rear end to accommodate these medium-sized wheels. Overall, this design leans more towards elegance. 

Despite its muscular body, the car is still suitable for classy events and formal occasions. Its square-off cuts and side on the front make the car look very powerful. 

Meanwhile, the curving edges on the back side add more luxury to its overall exterior. The wheels may look quite small when you stand near the car. Yet, their 24-inch size is still decent to bring a neutral appearance. 

The thing I love most about its exterior is the glossy back. The original trims and backup lights are well organized. Their glossy surfaces give this car a more modern and classy appearance. 



You’ll get plenty of space when getting inside the car’s cabin. The two front seats are really spacious. Yet, its backside seat is tighter and less comfortable. Therefore, the car is more suitable for a couple than for four people. 

The gauge panel features a classy look with two clocks on the sides. The original handle is very big and slim, bringing a vintage appearance. The only setback of this car is that it lacks an air conditioning system. 

The windows are powered and can be adjusted through the switches. Overall, the interior of the 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser is really clean and elegant. GM tried to keep as little detail as possible to maximize its simplicity. 

Most components inside the cabin come with black or gray paint. The seats all come with a smooth leather cover. They feel soft and comfortable on the street. 



Open the front cabin, and you’ll see the main engine placed in the center. The engine looks super clean and gigantic. Plus, there are few details around, making the engine even more noticeable. 

This organizing method is no longer prevalent in modern car design. It makes the 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser more unique and classy. The engine sound is also satisfying when the car is standing still. 

It’s also a little louder than the engine sounds produced by modern cars. You will hear a roaring sound when the car is accelerating. It brings the power and satisfaction that a sporting vehicle cannot lack. 


With such a simple setup, there’s a lot of customization potential for this car. You have the space to install extra lighting and air coolers inside the cabinet. The gauge panel and other components are also easy to replace. 

Driving Experience

There’s not much to complain about the drivability of this car. The steering is firm and reliable in many road conditions. Meanwhile, the car power is sufficient to bring a sporting and robust driving experience. 

Despite being a super sports car, the 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser can give you a smooth ride on a cruising trip. Yet, you should replace the old components if they no longer feel reliable on the road.

The 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala CruiserThe 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser

Why Should You Purchase 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser? 

The 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser has all qualities of a high-end super sports vehicle. Its robust body and square-off design on the front look very powerful. 

Its eye-catching black paint and smooth cuts bring a classic and timeless beauty. So, the Chevy Impala Cruiser is suitable for both formal and sporting events. 

The only setback is that the original versions don’t have air conditioning systems. Yet, it’s not strange for a car manufactured in the 1950s. You can always install a modern air cooler to enhance comfort. 

The car is also easy to customize since it features few interior details. There is plenty of space to install modern gadgets. Its engine’s power is also satisfying for such a vintage vehicle. 

Final Thoughts 

The fans of the old Chevrolet cruiser series will absolutely love the 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser. This car is a combination of elegant beauty and power. 

Its beautiful appearance can accommodate various occasions and satisfy all customers’ needs. So, what are the features of the 427 Chevy Impala Cruiser that you love? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me. 

Thank you for reading!

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