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67 Chevy Chevelle SS with 500hp Big Block Custom Sound System

67 Chevy Chevelle SS with 500hp Big Block custom sound system

Car enthusiasts are familiar with the legendary 67 Chevy Chevelle SS. This muscle car possesses a powerful engine and a stylish look. Yet, this 67 Chevy Chevelle SS with a 500hp big block custom sound system will stun you. 

I was fortunate enough to experience this stunning model. It’s a perfect combination between power and style. Let’s check out this post to discover the best qualities of this amazing vehicle. 

An Overview Of The Custom Sound System 

The 67 Chevy Chevelle SS comes with a high-performance custom sound system. With a stunning capacity, this system is an absolute audio monster. It will bring you an immersive listening experience on the road. 

This cutting-edge sound system has been integrated into the car’s interior. It connects the robust driving experience with entertaining music and radio. You can also get all the essential information during your driving process. 

This high-capacity audio system is a perfect match for such a potent vehicle like the 67 Chevy Chevelle SS. The robust engine sound and stylish interior of the car will mix with its audio like magic. 

Via the equalizer, I can easily adjust the frequency and volume of the audio. From treble to bass control, this audio system will heighten your driving experience.

The 67 Chevy Chevelle SSThe 67 Chevy Chevelle SS 

An Overview Of 67 Chevy Chevelle SS 

The 67 Chevy Chevelle has become a classic series in the old American-style car market. Let’s explore the sessions below to grasp the best features of this car. 


The 67 Chevy Chevelle is the descendant of the first legendary version in this classic series. Compared with the 66 version, the 67  Chevy Chevelle SS comes with a facelift. 

There are various body designs and trim levels to suit customers’ demands. A great example is the cutting edges and muscular structure of this beautiful Chevy Chevelle version. 

From a vintage muscle vehicle, GM has released a more cutting-edge Chevy Chevelle version. It’s an absolute car with distinctive flair and performance. 


The appearance of this 1967 Chevelle has seen numerous significant modifications. Its owner wants to adjust the car’s look to match its remarkable speed and power. 

The Turquoise Blue paint of this 67 Chevy Chevelle SS is unique. This soft and beautiful color can neutralize your emotions at first glance. Thus, I feel very calm and comfortable when looking at this vehicle.

The car features a flattened and more eye-catching body. There is an added front grille to increase its aesthetic aspects. The four 18-inch wheels underneath also make it look more powerful and sporting. 

Another feature that surprises me is the car’s front cabin. It is entirely empty, with no components or engine. This unique design gives you plenty of storage space on cruising trips. 

On the car’s back is a shiny black body. There’s a noticeable red paint job on the fenders, sides, and hood of the vehicle. Its traditional two-tone colors mark the highlights of this vehicle’s exterior. 

The car interior is just as impressive as its outer look. The bucket seats feel very comfortable and soft to sit on. There is a customized center console for extra control of the system.  

This car looks super clean and stylish on the inside. Every interior component has a shiny and sleek look. The black tone brings more classiness and beauty. 

The beautiful Turquoise Blue colorThe beautiful Turquoise Blue color 


This monster comes with a custom large block engine. With an amazing capacity of 498ci, this V8 engine is the soul of this beautiful car. It can deliver unmatched performance on the road and enhance your experience. 

Yet, the engine is notorious for its stable performance and durability. It possesses beautiful heads made of aluminum. There is also an extra high-quality camshaft to increase its power. 

The engine’s exhaust system is specially modified to produce a robust and loud rumbling sound. With the entertaining sounds from the audio system, this vehicle will surely impress you. 

In addition, its engine features an auto transmission mechanism. It can shift the gears automatically when there’s a sudden change in speed. This feature can enhance the car’s drivability. 

It can help you save more fuel when driving long distances. Suppose you’re used to driving modern models with automatic gears. Then, this 67 Chevy Chevelle SS would be a perfect match for your car collection. 

The Performance Of 67 Chevy Chevelle SS with 500hp Big Block Custom Sound System 

I have tested the 67 Chevy Chevelle SS on various terrain and conditions. Let’s dwell on the real experience this car brings. 


I really loved the entertainment value of the custom sound system. It delivers phenomenal audio with powerful bass and trembles. I have experienced a lot of genres, which all sounded excellent. 

I can also access the news and shows thanks to this sound system. It kept me amused and entertained while driving. The sound quality is also immersive and satisfying. 

The modified exhaust system finished its job excellently. The roaring sound of the engine will add more excitement to your driving. It feels like driving a racing car with remarkable power. 


There’s nothing to complain about the driving experience on this 67 Chevy Chevelle SS. The car delivers excellent suspension on all terrains. The handling also feels smooth and reliable. 

The vehicle also has a customized suspension system. It helps stabilize the car when driving at high speeds. The brakes have been modified to ensure your safety in emergency cases. 


There are multiple horsepower outputs in the car market. They range from 200 to 900 hp, depending on the manufacturer. Yet, 500 is always the perfect amount of horsepower. 

200 horsepower will slow down your car’s speed and reduce its power. You will encounter frustration when driving on rocky and sliding terrains. Meanwhile, 1000 horsepower is too much for a vehicle. 

The engines with such capacity are very expensive. They are also unstable and waste a lot of energy. Meanwhile, the mid-way 500 hp engines bring a balance between durability and power. 

This 67 Chevy Chevelle SS delivers a smooth experience on the road. The acceleration is excellent and satisfying. The engine feels very stable, whether it’s on a city road or rugged terrain.

The cars powerful engineThe car’s powerful engine 

Final Thoughts 

This 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is among the most beautiful muscle cars I have ever seen. It features a flawless appearance with mysterious Turquoise Blue skin. 

The 18-inch wheels are of high quality, with a shiny look and perfect finishes. The vehicle also feels classy on the inside. Its interior features a clean Black vinyl style with customized components. 

Lastly, the custom sound system will bring your experience to another level. If you are looking for a perfect mix of beauty, power, and satisfaction, this 67 Chevy Chevelle SS is the right choice.

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