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Muscle Cars Muscle Cars do not appear a lot on the streets. Just a few people agree to invest in a muscle cars. Although the old models cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it’s still a car that any speeding-driver loves.Muscle Cars – Dream Car For Speeding-driver Do you love movies with high-speed car, Fast...? Do you dream of driving powerful engines to accelerate from 0 – 60 miles in just 2 or 3 seconds?So, muscle cars satisfy all your requirements. This robust and high-performance vehicle is usually rear-wheel drive with an eight-valve engine.It will consume more fuel than other commercial models. Specifically, its powerful engine makes users pay more than usual.For speeding-driver, muscle cars are the dream car. It offers a great driving experience more and more.At this time, manufacturers paid attention to car safety, fuel economy, and environmental friendliness. These things make muscle cars no longer produce too much and no longer appear regularly on the street.Muscle cars enthusiasts are still on the hunt for classic cars every year. Dodge Charger R/T, Plymouth GTX, and Pontiac GTO become expensive collectibles.Even rare ones like the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 receive a valuation of around one hundred thousand dollars. As such, its high price has partly proved how attractive classic muscle cars have been until this time.If you love muscle cars, you won’t be able to miss our blog US Car Lovers. In the blog, experts on muscle cars will bring quality articles and interesting information:We’re really excited to talk about our muscle cars collection, photos and stories. Lets muscle cars' lovers share stories with like-minded people. We bring attracting and special models that you maybe not have seen before. If you drive real muscle cars, please to provide the most objective and honest reviews. The sharing US Car Lovers will help our readers’ muscle cars. Thank you!

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